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Q. What if my indicator will not power up?

A. Typically this happens when the indicator is not receiving power. Check the following:

1. Check that you have at least 10.5 volts DC at the power connector.
2. The ON/OFF switch on the touch membrane keypad might be be bad causing the indicator to not power up.
3. There is a fuse  inside some indicators that might  be blown.
4. A defective keypad can cause the indicator to not power on.

Q.What is causing the my reading to not be stable and keeps drifting off of zero?

A. Check the weigh bars. See our weigh bar troubleshooting section by clicking HERE

Q. Why is my LCD display is turning black and is difficult to read

A. The seal on the display module has leaked and air is contaminating the fluid causing it to run black.

The unit can be shipped to Agri-Tronix and have the display replaced. CLICK HERE to download the Service Request PDF.


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